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Welcome!  Please check our website regularly to stay in touch with all the exciting things happening at Wolfe Middle School.  All Day ~ Warrior Way! Respectful, Safe, Responsible, Connected!
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Principal's Message

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Dear Wolfe Families –
During this unique time, we are working hard to provide Wolfe students as much academic instruction and continuation of their learning as possible, while also being cognizant of social distancing for their health and safety.  Below is information that will help you to navigate this difficult time as well as instructional options for your student to participate in over the course of the next three weeks.
Quarter 3 Assignments:  At this time, the plan is for Quarter 3 to end with current grades, as is.  If students have missing assignments, all students will be given the opportunity to complete these assignments by Monday, April 13th in order to improve their grade(s).  Copies of all Quarter 3 assignments will be emailed to all students at their clps.org email address. This will provide students the opportunity to print off and complete anything that currently is missing according to PowerSchool.  If you need a hard copy of any of the assignments, please call 586-510-2300 option 3 or email roperj@clps.org and leave a detailed message of what classes you need copies for.  We will arrange for the hardcopies to be printed and delivered to your nearest bus stop or picked up outside of the school at a predetermined day/time. All assignments can be digitally submitted or turned in upon our return.
Teacher Communication: During these three weeks, your son/daughter’s 4th hour teacher will be calling twice a week to check on your child and their academic progress.  At this time, please make sure to share with your teacher any type of support you may need – accessing academic work, submitting missing assignments, accessing their clps.org email address, food delivery bus route schedule, etc. We are eager to help you navigate this difficult time the best we can!
Additional Important Announcements
Food Delivery/Bus Routes: We are providing breakfast and lunch each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to our students during the mandatory shutdown (March 16-April 3).  Our food service staff will prepare meals that will be delivered by bus to designated bus stops each weekday from 10:00 to 11:00am (see attached schedule).  An adult or older sibling may take food for the entire family of enrolled students in the district.  School of choice students may go to any of the stops listed to pick up meals for that day. 
Enrichment Activities: We have provided a list of enrichment activities below for students to complete during this three week time frame.  These activities will allow students to explore a wide variety of topics such as nature, cooking, reading, etc. Students are encouraged to share their experiences on social media (Facebook or Twitter) with the hashtag #Wolfe #LoveCLPS @SchoolWolfe.  Additionally, journaling of their experiences is highly encouraged – journals can be requested at 586-510-2300 option 3 or Roperj@clps.org.  When we return in mid-April, students who have participated in the journaling process or have used the hashtags will be entered to win one of many prizes!

- Make a vision board for the next five years.
- Create a homemade gift for a friend or family member.
- Declutter your room/personal space. - Practice mediation and/or mindfulness.
- Start a gratitude journal. - Complete an arts and crafts project.
- Write letters of love or thanks to a friend or family member.
- Research something you have always wondered about.
- Try adult coloring.
- Upcycle something.
- Write a letter of advice to a middle school student that will be delivered.
- Watch a TED talk on an area related to one of your interests.
- Draw an apple using a different style or artist medium each day for a week.
- Organize an area of your house and donate items to those in need.
- Watch a documentary. - Discover an educational app.
- Learn to say a favorite phrase or quote in seven different languages.
- Create a list of “Things to be Happy About” and add to it each day.
- Write a poem or story. - Learn how to change a tire.
- Read a book to a younger sibling or family member.
- Go for a walk outside and identify all of the nature around you.
- Participate in a virtual yoga or exercise class.
- Find an online certification you can earn/obtain.
- Learn how to knit or sew. - Learn a new chore to help a relative out.
- Volunteer your time to help a neighbor with outdoor yard cleanup.
- Spend a minimum of 30 minutes outside doing physical activity.
- Read a novel or autobiography. - Cook a meal following a recipe.
- Go online on a virtual field trip to a museum or zoo.
- Explore one of the following Driving Questions and answer it according to your research.
o What role should government play during a crisis such as this?
o What weaknesses is this crisis exposing in our society?
o What strengths is this crisis exposing in our society?
o What future effects can you predict as a result of this crisis?