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Hello!  Additional days and times have been added for Locker Pick Up.  Monday, June 15th: 10:00am-12:00noon.   Tuesday & Wednesday, June 16th & 17th: 1:00-3:00pm.  Pull up curbside by our front lobby, remain in your car and a staff member will assist you.
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CLPS is currently open to School of Choice for Macomb County residents only now through September 1st. Tell your friends! Now is the time to join the CLPS family!

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Principal's Message

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Dear Wolfe Families –
Center Line Public Schools is committed to providing continual learning and personal support for our students throughout the rest of this academic school year.  Our students may not be in our buildings; however, learning doesn’t stop.  We have worked diligently to develop remote learning classrooms that will continue to provide your children instruction and feedback about their progress so that students are prepared and on track when they re-enter their school buildings in the fall.
Student Locker Contents Pickup (Additional Dates/Times have been added):
If you were unable to pick up your child's locker items, we will be open Monday, June 15th from 10am to Noon as well as Tuesday, June 16th and Wednesday, June 17th from 1:00 - 3:00 pm. It is important that you bring checked out items back to school such as library books, textbooks, calculators, and classroom paperback books.  If a Chromebook, charging cord and hotspot was checked out to you, please return them at this time unless your child will be using them for summer school. When you arrive at school, please drive into our circle drive in front of the building and park curbside by our front lobby.  Please stay in your car and a staff member will assist you. 
Additional Important Announcements
Food Distribution: We are providing breakfast and lunch Tuesdays and Thursdays to our students during the mandatory shutdown.  Families may pick up food from 10:30-11:30 am at the following sites:  Center Line High School, Crothers Elementary, Peck Elementary, Roose Elementary with a pick up at Transportation & Maintenance and parking lot by Rising Stars Academy (previously Miller Elementary). An adult or older sibling may take food for the entire family of enrolled students in the district.  School of choice students may go to any of the buildings listed to pick up meals for that day. 
Enrichment Activities: We have provided a list of enrichment activities below for students to complete during this shutdown.  These activities will allow students to explore a wide variety of topics such as nature, cooking, reading, etc. Students are encouraged to share their experiences on social media (Facebook or Twitter) with the hashtag #Wolfe #LoveCLPS @SchoolWolfe.  Additionally, journaling of their experiences is highly encouraged – journals can be requested at 586-510-2300 option 3 or Roperj@clps.org.  Students who have participated in the journaling process or have used the hashtags will be entered to win one of many prizes!
- Make a vision board for the next five years.
- Create a homemade gift for a friend or family member.
- Declutter your room/personal space. - Practice mediation and/or mindfulness.
- Start a gratitude journal. - Complete an arts and crafts project.
- Write letters of love or thanks to a friend or family member.
- Research something you have always wondered about.
- Try adult coloring.
- Upcycle something.
- Write a letter of advice to a middle school student that will be delivered.
- Watch a TED talk on an area related to one of your interests.
- Draw an apple using a different style or artist medium each day for a week.
- Organize an area of your house and donate items to those in need.
- Watch a documentary. - Discover an educational app.
- Learn to say a favorite phrase or quote in seven different languages.
- Create a list of “Things to be Happy About” and add to it each day.
- Write a poem or story. - Learn how to change a tire.
- Read a book to a younger sibling or family member.
- Go for a walk outside and identify all of the nature around you.
- Participate in a virtual yoga or exercise class.
- Find an online certification you can earn/obtain.
- Learn how to knit or sew. - Learn a new chore to help a relative out.
- Volunteer your time to help a neighbor with outdoor yard cleanup.
- Spend a minimum of 30 minutes outside doing physical activity.
- Read a novel or autobiography. - Cook a meal following a recipe.
- Go online on a virtual field trip to a museum or zoo.
- Explore one of the following Driving Questions and answer it according to your research.
o What role should government play during a crisis such as this?
o What weaknesses is this crisis exposing in our society?
o What strengths is this crisis exposing in our society?
o What future effects can you predict as a result of this crisis?
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